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Darwin App

Biological data, computational and data-driven platforms and tools have gained relevance in handling the massive amount of data, in biological research and genomics. The primary step in big data analytics for biological research would be data collection, processing and cleaning. The traditional way of data recording with logbook or Excel system is laborious, error-prone, involves multiple intermediate steps and inconsistent data format. A digital platform plays a pivotal role in revolutionising these processes with better speed, automation, accuracy and traceability.

Darwin App is a universal mobile app with flexible configuration of your recording and sampling forms without the requirement of coding knowledge, and provides end-to-end tracking of data or sample from field collection to inventory management. The organisation of your research data in a structured Darwin Cloud ease the integration with downstream analytics platforms such as biostatistics and machine learning software, or CoGen products such as Arkgene and Agrinome. Start to digitise now to digitise your workflow and cope with the ever-growing amount of biological data.

How it works?

The Darwin App uses QR code as a unique identifier of your study subject and samples, enabling accurate recordings to be conducted digitally on hundreds and thousands of samples at one time.

The Darwin App can take in any forms of data such as text, number, scoring, audio, image, video, GPS, signature, document file and many others in the user-configurable recording forms. The collected data will be automatically linked to your unique QR code representing your subject/sample ID.

The Darwin App links the study subject to the collected samples in the collection container by scanning both QR codes. For example, you can scan the plant QR code, collect the leaf sample and keep it in a Falcon tube with QR code, allowing large-scale sampling on hundreds or thousands of plant without sample mix-up.

The Darwin App registers the study subjects or collected samples into specific inventory such as freezer, cabinet and room by scanning both QR codes of sample and inventory. Hence, the location and quantity of samples are known and is accessible from the Darwin portal within a few clicks.

The Darwin Portal is accessible anywhere with any internet browsers with the internet connection. It has a dashboard to track overall activity and a data management system to view, edit, and share your clean research data organised in a structured way.

Key Features

Organize your data recording tasks into a chain and trigger them automatically. For example, workflow A consists of recording forms A1, A2 and A3 organized in sequence.

Make recording in the field even without internet access and synchronize the data back to Cloud when the internet is available.

QR barcode scanning accurately links between collected sample (e.g. saliva) and specific subject (e.g. human), useful when dealing with tens, hundreds or thousands of biological subjects/samples.

The data recording on the right subject can be validated by coupling GPS coordinate tracking with a unique QR.

Track the type, amount, status and specific location of your bio-samples in your inventory (e.g. freezer or cabinet) in real-time accessible from Darwin Cloud.

All data recording, processing and editing processes are digitally tracked for auditing and certification purpose.

Data output standardized in a structural way with minimal data cleaning efforts before it can be seamlessly linked to downstream analysis in statistical tools or machine learning platforms.

Schedule the task required and assign to specific users with alert and message notifications, useful in an industrial setting with efficient worker management and auditing.

Our comprehensive analytic dashboard with progress bar, charts and calendar view acts as a control centre for admin to monitor the status of multiple projects in real-time.

Compatible and integrable with RFID for batch processing and IoTs sensors for the collection of field data automatically

Facilitate seamless collaboration among stakeholders with no border limit to access and monitor the collected data uploaded by multiple App users concurrently.

Start to use Darwin to digitise your data collection!
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