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Project IGNITE: CoGen Insights

“A personal, step-by-step coaching and walkthrough of your automated results”

Are you a subscriber to automated bioinformatics analysis offered by major sequencing providers? Our internal poll indicates that a majority of biologists understand less than 20% of the generated results and what they mean. What is the use of data without insights? Through this initiative, we will be launching Insights. A personal, step-by-step coaching and walkthrough of your automated result and all its important matrices. Discover if your results are fit for publications, experimental methodology and tips on how to improve them. We will be offering this free for successful applicants of the Ignite Initiative.

About Project IGNITE

Launching CoGen Insight Packages for Reference-based RNA-Seq

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Key Features of CoGen Insights

Personal Step-by-Step Coaching

1-on-1 personal hand-holding session with experienced scientists in the genomics field

Key Service Provider Supported

Supports reports from mega service providers such as Novogene and Genewiz

Personalized Support

Unlimited email and phone support for 2 weeks on covered topics upon delivery

Curated Supporting Materials

Access to carefully curated e-resources: research papers, online links, technical notes and methodology guide

Prioritized Access to Free Webinar

Prioritized access to CoGen webinar and technology sharing related to your area of interest

You should join this if you are

Curious about steps that happened behind your sequencing and bioinformatics provided by service providers

Want to know if the data you have generated is of high quality and suitable for analysis and interpretation

Having difficulty in understanding the complex graphs and visualization being delivered to you

Having difficulty in deciding the relevant graphs and visualization for your research among 10 or 20 standard graphs generated through an automated pipeline

Need help in linking the primary outcomes of your analysis to the research questions and objectives

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Making Sense of Your Data Now!

CoGen Data Insight Grant is an initiative under our Project IGNITE to enable researchers to generate insights and make sense of their RNA-Seq data

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